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Alex Simring Profile

Alex Simring is now a contributor to the Vitamin D Blog

Alex Simring Profile

Alex Simring is one of the contributors of this website and helps to promote content to help educate our readers. As a way of saying thank you, we will be featuring a profile piece on Alex Simring where you can learn a little bit about him, including his education, hobbies and work commitments. The Vitamin D Blog aims to produce as much useful information for its readers, and one of the best ways to do this is to get its readers to be active contributors. If you are interested in being an author for our blog, then you can shoot an email to our administrator at with a quick outline of who you are and how you can contribute.

Alex Simring – who is he?

One question that many of readers ask is: “Who writes these amazing articles?”. Well, that happens to be a very good question, and now we can present Alex Simring’s profile. Dr Alex Simring is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist, having achieved MB BS BSc (Med) Hons at UNSW in 2000. Alex underwent internship at Concord Hospital, starting from 2001 and completed his training as a Gastroenterologist in 2007. Alex currently works as a private gastroenterologist in Liverpool, NSW. He has a passion for optimal digestive health to help attain good digestive health.

Dr Simring is well suited to write some articles for us here at the Vitamin D Blog. Alex will write some articles outlining how to get adequate vitamin D levels and discusses some of the health consequences of not getting enough vitamin D in the diet. He has a special interest in celiac disease, which is a common disorder involving intolerance to gluten. This condition can cause malabsorption which can be a particular problem with Vitamin D deficiency.

Alex Simring’s Interest

Dr Alexander Simring enjoys playing the cello, and in fact he did have a music scholarship when he attended high school at Sydney Grammar School. Although he has played the cello for many years on a regular basis, he has recently participated in the NSW Doctor’s Orchestra and still plays the cello from time to time. Alex plans on learning all 6 of the Bach Cello suites, and is a big fan of Yo Yo Ma. Alex will regularly get out to watch concerts, and has just finished watching the latest series of Selby and Friends at Angel Place.

Alex Simring also enjoys running and recently has been getting fit though cross fit. Alex had been running for 20+ km until a recent knee injury, but will start to get back into running shorter distances and interval training. One of the best ‘fitness’ activities that Alex recently did was yoga. He is not particularly flexible, he tells us, but surprisingly this is not needed for good yoga practice. One of the best things about this type of yoga which is one of the forms of hot yoga, is that it is absolutely brilliant at keeping away and joint pains an injuries. Alex practices at Body Mind Yoga in Rozelle and finds this to be one of the best places to learn this style of hot yoga. Alex thinks that it also left him feeling particularly invigorated and gave him a newfound zest for life!

What does the future hold for Alex Simring?

Alex Simring wants to find the best work/life balance and in particular to spend as much time with his family as possible. It can be really hard working as a doctor and providing quality health care, yet also spending time with family and friends. Not to mention all of the great hobbies that Alex plans on pursuing again, such as playing the cello, meditation, running and yoga. Throw into the mix some of Alexander Simring’s great plans to travel, photography, cooking, writing…. on and on the list goes and I’m sure that Alex will achieve each and every dream!

Here is a short video by Alex Simring on Immune Superfoods:

Where can you find Alex Simring and how do you contact him?

Alex Simring works in Liverpool, NSW as a private gastroenterologist. He is contributing to this website as a reader and of course none of this information is meant to be medically based. Contributing to our Vitamin D Blog is only in the capacity of his role as a lay reader and for enjoyment only. Alex will probably be spending too much time with his friends and family for you to actually meet him, but if you have any questions about his articles, or if you want to contact him then the best way would be through our website administration at

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Alex Simring as much as we have enjoyed writing about him. Now that you know everything that you could possibly want to know about Alex Simring, I hope you, the readers, now go and explore the rest of our site and learn everything that you need to know about Vitamin D!

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