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Vitamin D: Deficiency Problems

Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is a very important nutrient that the body needs, particularly when you are getting older. However, this doesn’t mean that you only need to drink this when you feel like you’re at that age when your bones are starting to get weak and brittle. This is a bad idea because if you wait this long, you might end up not avoiding the bone problem mainly because it is simply too late. So don’t make this mistake by ensuring that you get enough of this amazing nutrient as early as today.


If you’re not yet convinced, then you might want to check out the following symptoms, medical conditions, and other painful illnesses that you might experience due to lack of vitamin D. Read on to learn more.


The Deficiency Problems


If your body doesn’t have enough vitamin D, there would be a high risk of you experiencing the following medical conditions and symptoms:


  • Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. These are bone diseases that are characterized by weakening of the bones. This basically means that your bones can break easily. Adults and senior citizens usually experience this problem.


  • Rickets. This is pretty much like the former but the brittle bones are experienced by children. This is a very painful condition and a traumatic one too since kids need to go out and be active but can’t because it is too difficult for them to do so.


  • High blood pressure. Yes, you read that right. Studies show that vitamin D can effectively decrease your blood pressure so lack of this nutrient can easily spike it up.


  • Heart problems. This vitamin supports even distribution of the blood, which makes your heart stronger in every way. This can avoid cardiovascular diseases in the process.


  • Allergies, cold, and flu. Researchers have found out that vitamin D can strengthen the immune system too. This increases the body’s protection from virus and bacteria so that you won’t easily get sick.


Lack of Vitamin D: The Causes


The most common cause of this kind of deficiency is not being exposed to sunlight. And so if you find yourself being locked up indoors, you might want to rethink that by going out once in a while so that you can soak your body under the glorious sun, thus getting the right amount of vitamin D that you need.


Another thing that can easily cause this problem is due to obesity. This is due to poor body distribution, which makes it difficult for the vitamin to do its job right. Also, overweight individuals don’t usually go out as often as they should, thus limiting themselves from sun exposure.


These things are real dangers that can truly make your life miserable in the future. Failure to address these problems can only worsen your condition and can be very disabling, which can easily lead to poor quality of living. So make sure you lead a healthy life by getting the proper amount of vitamin D today. This is something that you truly need to do mainly because your body needs it.

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